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Owner, Clinical Director & Occupational Therapist

A native of West Memphis, Ar.  LaTeasha holds a bachelor's and master's degree in Health Sciences/Occupational Therapy from the University of Central Arkansas. She has experience working in outpatient sports clinics, pediatric clinics, mental health establishments, long term acute care settings and acute care hospitals, including ICU and burn units.  Consequently, She has worked with various diagnosis, including, but not limited to:  developmental delays, fine motor delays, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, autism, down's syndrome, attention deficit disorder, defiant disorders, learning disabilities and other diagnosis, particularly within the pediatric population since 2008.  LaTeasha is the owner of Therapeutic Focus.


Due to the noted health disparity among the pediatric population and the scarce options of outpatient pediatric therapy services noted in the early 2000s, LaTeasha was drawn to open a therapy clinic in her home town.  After being admonished by multiple Crittenden County residents, she decided to take a leap of faith and provide contemporary, science driven therapy services to the Crittenden County community.