"I have two grandchildren that receive therapy services, one from Therapeutic Focus and another one from another company.  I have never had the opportunity to speak with the therapists working with my grandchildren who provide me with updates on progress of my grandson, until I met the OT at this company."

                          -A.J.'s Grandmother  

"I now have to avoid driving down the street that Therapeutic Focus is located on, because my son loves coming to therapy so much!  To avoid hearing him cry, I have to take different routes to get to my destinations.  I am glad that he loves therapy."

                                  -Tony's mom

"I am grateful to Therapeutic Focus for the love the teachers have shown Luna which has caused her to just bloom! I thank God for y'all!"

                          -Nikki, Luna's Grandmother

"Since my child has been coming to Therapeutic Focus, he has gotten the HELP he needs.  They are so professional, they really engage my child and care about his needs.  They always make sure that the parent knows the set goals that they are working o with your child or children.  They are great therapists.  With them, my son has improved so much.  if you are looking for the best therapists, I recommend Therapeutic Focus, you will not be disappointed!!!

                       -Kaleb's mom